Monday, 17 February 2014

Paradise Jam 2014

Wow, a year flies by so fast these days! We could hardly believe it was time to trek off to the Paradise Wildlife Park in Broxbourne again for this years Paradise Jam!

The one day event is hosted by the lovely Juliet and Paul from Facade. Juliet is the resident Facepainter at Paradise and with the help of some others in the painty world they always put on a fantastic jam.

Unfortunately I was too busy talking all day so I didn't get as many snaps as I would have liked however below are some of them, there are lots more on the event page on Facebook from other attendees :0)

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

We've been Quirgled!

Yesterday morning at Paintopia HQ the Postie delivered us quite possible the most adorable book we have had the pleasure in seeing for a long time!

We'd heard a little about this book having seen it launched by its publishers, Illusion Magazine on social media sites on Monday.
Although it looked and sounded great online, we were super suprised at just how gorgeous the actual book is in the flesh and not only that......but they have their own website too!!

The Quirgles are the clever creation of American Facepainter, Jody Rife

Jody used to day dream and doodle funny little characters in page margins during her youth, luckily for us, she never grew out of it and these doodles have evolved into a whole world of adorable characters.

As you all would expect with Illusion Magazine, the book is as good a quality as their well loved Magazine.
Printed to a high quality and larger than you would think as well. 
In fact, there are 51 pages packed to bursting with adorable characters and overflowing with colourful designs.
We especially love the landscape layout as this makes it an easy book for Facepainters to reference to whilst out working.

A lot of the designs incorporate one stroke techniques but in a simple form, so fear not if you are afraid of the one stroke brush, Jody's clear steps for technique in recreating these characters make them simple and effective enough for all levels of Painters.

What we adore most about this book is the fact that once you master painting the characters and fall in love with their Quirgleness, you can introduce them into your jobbing list of designs and engage more with the children you paint by telling stories about the Quirgles and directing them to discover more about the them on the website!
How cool is that?!

For research purposes I asked my 11 and 14 year old daughters for their opinion on the Quirgles and they loved them, especially the 11 year old! In fact, both have agreed to let me paint them (they never let me paint them anymore!) because the designs are "cool!"

So, our advice is simply this, you really need this book in your kit box.
 We all get a little stalemate from time to time with painting the same old faces over and over but this really is a great investment into your painting and a way to be able to engage more with clients and have fun whilst your out painting too.

You can purchase the book in the UK from:
plus there are stockists overseas too

And if you're quick, Illusion Magazine are running a Giveaway of 3 books until 16th Feb over on Facebook!
Quick...go get Quirgled!

Jenn x x

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Social Media Tips (Facebook)

This series of Blogs is designed to help Face & Body Artists get the best from Social Media Platforms.
  • There are a lot of social media platforms out there these days.
  • Not all of them will be right for you.
  • Consider which ones work best for you carefully.
  • Social media is ESSENTIAL these days to make your business successful so don't shy away from setting up a platform or you will be losing out to those who have.
  • Always embed your social media platforms into your website ( Google Search & YouTube Tutorials can help you do this)
  • Don't be put off, it may seem like a lot of work to set them all up but a lot of them can be linked to one another so you can write one update and post it to several sites all at once.
  PART 1

Recently a lot of us in the Face & Body Art Industry have been experiencing a lot of difficulties with posting images of our work on Facebook.

Whether we have been on the receiving end of a targeted attack against bodyart images or whether Facebook's automated system fails us in how it processes reports against our work nobody really knows.

Either way, we are visual artists, our work needs to be seen to help us to get paid jobs therefore a lot of us are now turning to pastures new to help us achieve this.
However don't turn your back completely on Facebook, it does still have its uses so lets look at making it work for us instead of the other way around.

  •  You probably already have a Facebook account with a personal profile, to promote your Face or Body Painting business to the right audience you will need to set up a Business Page. Make sure you do this and don't be tempted to have a friend profile in your business name as this is against Facebook policy so they will be within their rights to remove it and therefore lose all your contacts in one hit :0(
  • When you set your Business Page up make sure you use good images of your work on the page. Do not be tempted to post images of others work as this infringes copyright law. Always remember that your aim of this page is to generate more paid bookings and work enquiries for yourself so it is vitally important that you showcase your skills on your page otherwise you could be misleading prospective customers into the quality of painting they are booking.
  •  Once your Page is set up you need to make sure you promote it as much as possible. Remain logged in on Facebook as your page (you can switch between your personal profile and your page one in the top right hand settings button) and use the search bar to find relevant local groups that perhaps your page can join who may be interested in booking a Facepainter, also look for local networking groups and local company pages (such as entertainment venues, pubs, bars etc.) and be sure to like their pages. With a little interaction hopefully they will become aware of you and the service you provide and this will hopefully generate some enquiries.

  •  Pages now give you a great little insight bar for admins at the top of the page where you can track how many new likes you have, which posts have been the most popular etc. 

  • Check your Facebook inbox daily for messages and make sure you respond to them immediately just like you would an email enquiry.
  • Pages also has a variety of Tabs that you can add to your page such as Reviews, You Tube, Google +, Twitter etc. You can also set your Status' to automatically post to your Twitter feed. Check your Settings for information on this.

  • Make sure you post something every day if you can from your page. Its vitally important to keep yourself in peoples news feed otherwise you will get forgotten about.
  • If your page has a lot of likes you need to interact regularly, probably at least 3 times a day so think carefully about the information you want to share. If you have a promotion to run, don't keep running the same posts over and over because people will get fed up and unlike you. Making posts interesting is key to full engagement from your audience.

  • Don't worry, posting regularly doesn't need to affect your free time anymore. Pages now have a very handy "Schedule Post" button on your Status box. Simply schedule your posts to automatically go live at times that hit peak viewers. Your insight bar (mentioned above) is a great tool for helping you work out your peak viewing times.

  • Be professional, Facebook is an excellent tool for promoting yourself but used in the wrong way it can become a tool of self destruction also so think carefully about what content you share and with what audience.
  •  Look out for blurred lines. Try to keep your personal profile separate from your Business one. This isn't always easy we know as a lot of us are very good friends with a lot of other Face & Body Artists. This is great for networking but just be aware of adding customers to your personal profile, try instead to always point them to like your business page. It's not really the best professional look to give when your customers are reading about what a massive hangover you have from partying with your painty pals at the recent event you all attended.
  • Facebook is fantastic for networking, especially if you want to network with Artists you admire, Brands whose products you love etc. Just be careful about how you interact with those contacts because again this can reflect on your professional conduct and reputation. Don't post all over your Facebook and tag companies about how much you'd love to be sponsored to attend events, please send me free products etc and I will promote them on my page etc. By all means contact companies if you feel you have the relevant skills that they may be looking for in a supported Artist but use the correct channels (a well written email will suffice). You are far more likely to get a positive response that way.
  • Have fun! Share exciting things that happen to you as an Artist with your Page audience, especially images, share new things you have learnt, post that you had a wonderful time at little Polly's Party earlier today (if you made sure you gave cards out at the party and they have a link for Facebook on it, chances are you'll be getting some more likes) and people love to engage with posts that are personal to them plus share the lovely images of the facepainting that you did to their friends and family, which will then get more traffic and likes to your Page, and so it goes on..... :0)


Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Bodypainting versus Facebook

We are sorry to announce that the Paintopia Face and Body Painting Festival profile has just been removed from Facebook due to our bodyart violating Facebook's terms and conditions.
In the light of todays news that Facebook are to allow real video footage of decapitation to be shown this ban is surely ridiculous.
Does Facebook really think that Bodyart is more harmful to the public eye than someone being murdered?!

Back in August we had our page removed as did the World Bodypainting Festival based in Austria and both of us have had to start over from scratch with new pages with very little or no bodyart on them which is hard when that is what your event is about!

Not only is this damaging the promotion of our events but it is damaging the careers of all Body Artists around the world. We are a visual skill, we need people to be able to see what we do to consider us for work and nowadays all businesses no matter how small need to use social media to promote themselves.

Here is a press release issued by the WBF in August to try and persuade Facebook to relook at its policies.

May I urge you all to please help us to fight Facebook in its silly policies on Bodyart and also its annonymous image reporting system by signing this petition:
At the moment we cannot get Facebook to even listen to us but if we can reach 10,000 signatures we can take our petition (along with a lot of bodypainted models hopefully) to London to hand it in, surely then Facebook will have to listen to us.

Many thanks for your time, please share this information as much as possible and help us to win the war against Facebook.

Jenn x x

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Bodyfactory 2013

Summer may be pretty much over but that didn't stop a fabulous bunch of Bodypainters from gathering down in beautiful Cornwall for a day of painting fun last weekend for the annual Bodyfactory event.

Bodyfactory is the creation of Nicola Langridge and this was the 3rd time she had held the one day event.
The ethos behind it all is very chilled and relaxed and there is no theme at all which means Artists can be as creative or prop inspired as they like to achieve their finished design.

Cat and myself travelled down from Norfolk for the event, Cat was the previous years winner when the venue was Bodmin Gaol with her fantastic Selina Wadge entry

After a bit of a hellish 7 hour drive (and a drop in at Facade Body Art Warehouse to collect Goody Bag items) we finally arrived in Bristol to meet up with Illusion Magazine's Claire Pick, her husband Chris and model, Laurence and then set off on the last leg of the journey to Cornwall.

Luckily for us all dinner was a quick stop in at my cousins house just outside Newquay where he'd very kindly made us all homemade pasties and then we only had a short drive to the beautiful Doc Martinesque cottage that Claire had booked for us all for the weekend!

Saturday morning we headed off to the Bodyfactory venue which was Heartlands in Pool which is a heritage site for Mining.

Then it was time for a catch up with some of our painty friends before setting to work on all our designs!
Artists attending the event were:
 Alana Dunlevy
Amy Jones
Angela Young
Cat Finlayson
Claire Pick
Jenny Marquis
Jennie Roberts
Josephine van Oers
Justine Darwent
Marie Lepage
Max Wragg
Mel Broom
Sarah Hunkin
Simon Smith

Claire and myself were part of the judging panel along with Nicola, UK Convention organiser Rosey Jones and Media Makeup Lecturer, Michelle McCoon but we couldn't resist the opportunity to do a paint as well.
As we both holiday and visit family in Cornwall regularly we had decided it was only right to paint something Cornwall inspired and hence, The Kernow Warrior was created!

Judging was extremely difficult and I'm very glad there were 5 of us and not just 1 or 2. Artists styles were all so different from each other and with no theme to base some of the scoring on it meant we really had a tough time picking the winners!
However we did make a decision and were thrilled to announce that the Bodyfactory Champion of 2013 is Angela Youngs with her fabulous design Cousin Jack.
Angela had really researched the area the event was held in and had used Cornwall's long mining history as her inspiration, when we read her description it made the hairs stand up on our arms and the excellent prosthetic piece she had made to represent the lost souls of the Miners that lost their lives in the pits was just superb.

1st Place - Angela Youngs. Model - Tim Woodacre
2nd place went to Alana Dunlevy and 3rd place to Claudia Lucia
2nd Place - Alana Dunlevy. Model - Dina.
3rd Place - Claudia Lucia. Model - Claire Hindle

Model of the Year Title for 2013 was awarded to Will Shave

There was fabulous artwork from all that attended, below are some of our outtakes from the day and also some photographs kindly donated to the Blog by:

Nicotine Bodypainters 

For all the info on Bodyfactory please bookmark the website: 

Jenn x x